Thursday, August 28, 2014

chidley: XML to JSON converter, written in Go

I have just this morning released chidley, a code generator that reads XML and generates a Go program that can convert the given XML into JSON. Please see the github site for more details.

I will be doing a series of chidley examples in this blog over the coming weeks.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

rpmout: Go (golang) tools for listing installed RPMs in HTML,. LaTeX, json

rpmout is a utility for creating user facing rpm information written in Go.

It extracts the rpm tag info (using the rpm command) and produces an HTML list fragment (default), JSON, simple text, and LaTeX. It can be restricted to the rpms that are implicated in a particular set of directories.

My use is to produce a list of bioinformatics applications installed as RPMS on a Rocks cluster

For example: users want to know what is installed in the bioinformatics install dir /opt/bioinformatics, and 'rpmout' generates (by default) an HTML fragment made up of a list of rpms and their useful attributes. This fragment is meant to be embedded into a static HTML page that wraps it with the appropriate local style, titles it, etc.

Here is an example HTML output file: (~1.4MB compressed)

rpmout is my first real Go program, and I learned a lot about using channels and goroutines.

Comments welcome!  :-)