Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Canadian "Open Data" Cities: 'No stars' in Tim Berners-Lee Five Star Rating for Open Government Data

At the International Open Government Data Conference (IOGDC) Tim Berners-Lee "...reiterated his five star system” for open government data:
  • 1 Star for putting data on the Web at all, with an open license.
  • 2 Stars if it’s machine-readable.
  • 3 Stars for machine-readable, non-proprietary formats
  • 4 Stars if the data is converted into open linked data standards like RDF or SPARQL
  • 5 Stars when people have gone through the trouble of linking it"
Original TB-L ref:

So according this metric by TB-L, the Canadian cites (Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto,, Edmonton, etc) that have recently released data with not open licenses get ZERO stars!!!