Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Open Source Athletes"
In this article in First Monday, Stefan Görling (Dept. of Industrial Economics and Management (INDEK), Stockholm) shows how the Open Source development model is not as "new and unique model of production, fundamentally differing from previous known and accepted economic models" as suggested by academic research. He makes a very compelling metaphor between open source and athletics which does support his thesis, and I think successfully shows us how there are other places where many Open Source principles are a strong part of the culture (which we already knew for areas like scientific research, i.e. Scientific Research Backs Wisdom of Open Source; Open Source Research — the Power of Us, Open-Source Science; I also discovered the long-ago (1999) First Monday paper by Nikolai Bezroukov Open Source Software Development as a Special Type of Academic Research (Critique of Vulgar Raymondism) )

Other related works by same author: Stefan Görling, 2003. A
critical approach to open source software
. Masters thesis, Royal
Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.

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