Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stewardship of digital research data: a framework of principles and guidelines

Sub-title: "Responsibilities of research institutions and funders, data managers, learned societies and publishers"

This draft report from the Research Information Network (RIN), UK, for consultation is a must-read for those wrestling with policies and guidelines concerned with the long-term management, access to, and archiving of digital data generated by the activities of researchers. It outlines a comprehensive policy framework, based around five principles:
  1. Roles and responsibilities
  2. Standards and quality assurance
  3. Access, usage and credit
  4. Benefits and cost effectiveness
  5. Preservation and sustainability
This draft report is a follow-up to the excellent January 2007 report: Research Funders’ Policies for the management of information outputs and the June 2005 RCUK position on issue of improved access to research outputs, the latter focusing solely on research outputs as publications. Of particular interest are the reponses of the various research funding councils in the U.K.:

Update 2008 01 15:

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