Sunday, January 03, 2010

Mattress Tobogganing in Quebec

Mid-December the new bed was delivered, and the delivery guys were supposed to take away the old bed. But - as I live in the country and it was snowy - the delivery truck got stuck down the road from my place. While the delivery guys were waiting for the tow truck, they decided to carry up the mattress, box spring and bed frame. They also decided to carry down the old mattress and box spring (wrapped in the plastic that the new items had arrived in). Spontaneously they decided to use these as plastic-wrapped toboggans first to toboggan down my driveway and then carry their toboggans around the corner, to the hill on my street, down to their truck.

The mattress proved to be the better of the two, getting some pretty good speed down the road.

I almost regret not having kept the old mattress for tobogganing! :-)


Angela said...

Fantastic! Bet you wish you had thought of that first ;)

Meagan said...

That's hilarious. Coming up next - the easy chair on the half-pipe. ;-)