Thursday, March 04, 2010

Open Data and Open Source Tools: Examine BC Power Transmission

"*pybctc* is a python package that makes access to British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC) electric data easier.

The British Columbia Transmission Corporation is a crown corporation with a mandate to plan, build, and operate the province of British Columbia's electricity transmission system. It publishes valuable information on electicity generation, transmission, and consumption to its website. This information is useful for many purposes including economic analysis, power trading, electric system study, and forecasting. The first step in using such information is to download it an parse it into useful data structures - a task performed by this library. The processed data normally will feed statistical methods, heuristics, and system models to provide a useful analysis of the British Columbia electric system.

The *pybctc* project is hosted at

The data this library accesses can be found here: B.C. Transmission Corp historical transmission data.

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