Visualizing Canadian Energy Flows with d3.js Sankey diagrams

I have been working with processing.js but wanted to learn a little about d3js for visualizations, so took a look at Mike Bostock's d3.js plugin for making Sankey diagrams.

So I pulled down two documents that had energy flow diagrams for Canada:
I extracted the data from these diagrams and built these interactive Sankey energy flows:
Note that these two documents are looking at slightly different views of energy flows (and 2007 does not include Uranium), so can't be compared directly.

If you have any (preferably Canadian) datasets that could be presented in this fashion, let me know and we can collaborate in getting them into this form.

Addendum: 2012 10 26 22:28: Wow! The Economist's blog Graphic detail: Charts, maps and infographics has an article about this post: Charting Canada's energy: Go with the flow 


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