Tuesday, January 01, 2008

ARL Report released: Library Support for E-science

Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has just released the report "Agenda for Developing E-Science in Research Libraries". Among other activities, this report specifically discusses the Canadian context, including the National Consultation on Access to Scientific Research Data (NCASRD) and the recent (2007) Library and Archives Canada's release draft of its Canadian Digital Information Strategy.

Agenda for Developing E-Science in Research Libraries table of contents:
  • E-Science: Implications for Research Practice
  • National and International Context for E-Science
  • Critical Areas for Research Library Engagement
    • Data Issues and New Genres of Scholarly Communication
    • Virtual Organizations
    • Policy Development
  • Current Library Capability to Support E-Science
  • E-Science Task Force Recommendations: Outcomes, Strategies, Actions
    • Structure and Process for ARL Agenda
    • Develop Knowledgeable Community
    • Develop Skilled Workforce
    • Contribute to Research Infrastructure
    • Develop Policy

From the executive summary:
Anticipated programmatic efforts would emphasize: education of the research library community about scientific trends, the emergent role of data curation, characteristics of virtual organizations, relevant policy for data and research dissemination, and tools and infrastructure systems. While the task force focused on e-science, it was mindful of the broader eresearch.

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