Monday, March 10, 2008

Fiber-to-the-home dance!

It is looking like I will be going from my purgatory of years of dial-up to - yes - 100Mbps fiber to my home! The deal seems to be going-through (cross-fingers!) for my community, and it is a sweet deal:
  • 100Mbps up/down fiber to the home
  • Full-dup ethernet (2 fibers)
  • One fixed IP; 4 email addresses
  • 16GB transfer limit per month; $5 per extra GB
  • VOIP telephony, voicemail, with call display, 3-way calling
  • Telephone number transfer (one time $35)
  • Free long-distance in Quebec and to Ottawa; $0.04 per minute other long distance
  • three 9s uptime
  • $70 / month
The company involved is called Xittel and they have thousands of km of fiber in Quebec and substantial fiber deployed elsewhere in Canada.

I, for one, welcome our new fiber overlords!

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