Thursday, July 10, 2008

Librarians unhappy with The Google (again)

The Wired Campus is reporting (Librarians Accuse Google of Using and Discarding Them) how the ire of librarians with respect to Google appears to be cresting (again). This time I think it is more serious: some fairly strong words are being written:

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Daniel Lemire said...

Librarians have chosen to play along with abusive publishers and copyright laws. Playing this game was fine since their users were locked up. Where else can you get an article but in your library? Oh! And why bother offering friendly software, your users are locked in, right?

Librarians refused to offer what their users wanted: free, complete and unobtrusive software applications. It is only natural for Google (or other companies) to do it.

Last time I set foot in a brick-and-mortar university library, all I got were dusty shelves and what looked to be a DOS-based index system with complicated boolean and field-based queries.

You get what you deserve, sometimes.