Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"The Thistle Amongst the Lilies"

I have to break from the usual content of this blog to point out to all the bagpipers who read this blog - there is at least one - my Montreal / Black Watch / 78th Fraser Highlanders friend Jeff McCarthy's new book of pipe music called "The Thistle Amongst the Lilies: A Collection of Original Compositions by Montreal Pipers For The Great Highland Bagpipes".

I'm going to order one. You should too! :-)


Tracey said...

After purchasing the pomegranite coffee making phone i am out of mulah for the bag pipe book! But glad to know such a book exists!


Jeff said...

hi Glen, I will be working on a push to get this book available in some scottish supply shops across Canada, so we will see what happens.

So far many pipers from the BW family like the tunes.

I think composing is a very vain process... not sure if a lot of people are willing to bend an ear to my take of Highland pipe music. I think it arrogant to impose upon the band that I play in to play my tunes. But anyhow, a few people say from time to time that "we should play" one of my tunes, and that notion is always a very kind compliment.

Haven't been checking my PO Box much lately, but if you have ordered one let me know so I can get a package ready for you! Cheers Glen