Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ukraine law mandating open access to publicly funded research

I have just discovered that the Ukraine passed a law[1] in January 2007
mandating Open Access to publicly funded research. This was done after
extensive consultation and lobbying[2,3]:

  • "Since January 2007 Ukraine has a law mandating open access to publicly funded researches.

  • It was widely supported by most of the Parliament members.

  • And it is already the second parliamentary inquiry mandating the
    Cabinet of Ministers to take actions on creating favorable conditions
    for developing open access repositories in archives, libraries,
    museums, scientific and research institutions with open access
    condition to state funded researches."

[1]Law of Ukraine On the principles of developing information society in Ukraine (in Ukrainian).

[2]Kuchma, I. 2007. Developing National Open Access Policies: Ukrainian Case Study. Proceedings ELPUB2007 Conference on Electronic Publishing. Vienna, Austria, June 2007.

[3]Kuchma, I. 2008. Open Access, Equity, and Strong Economy in Developing and Transition Countries: Policy Perspective. Serials Review 34:1:13-20.

[4]Kuchma, I.2008. Open Access in Ukraine: Cooperation with the policy makers. Open Access Repositories Workshop, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.

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