Friday, May 08, 2009

First issue of "Journal of Information Architecture"

The issue 1 volume 1, Spring 2009 of the Journal of Information Architecture is now available. Topics for this journal are (from the site):
  • Theoretical foundations of information architecture;
  • Pervasive information architecture;
  • History of information architecture;
  • Information architecture techniques and best practices; card sorting; freelisting;
  • Way-finding in digital environments; human information seeking; human information interaction; navigation and navigation behaviors; findability;
  • Labeling and representation in digital environments;
  • Organization of information; pace layering; taxonomies; folksonomies; collaborative tagging;
  • Social media; social computing; social networks;
  • Information architecture and digital genres;
  • Information architecture development in organizations, in communities, in society, globally;
  • The role of information architecture in information systems development;
  • The value of information architecture for organizations;
  • The impact of information architecture in organizational information policy and information strategy;
  • Multilingual, multicultural information architecture; global information architecture;
  • Information architecture design and evaluation for various applications in business, managerial, organizational, educational, social, cultural, and other domains;
  • The impact of information, information architecture or information technology on people's attitude, behavior, performance, perception, and productivity;
  • Information architecture education.
The Volume One Issue One table of contents is:

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