Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography, 2006

I've just discovered this great resource, created by Charles W. Bailey, Jr, which is a 266 page bibliography (PDF) which includes sections on:
  • Economic Issues
  • Electronic Books and Texts
  • Electronic Serials (including Electronic Distribution of Printed Journals)
  • Legal Issues (including Intellectual Property Rights and License Agreements)
  • Library Issues (including Digital Libraries and Information Integrity and Preservation)
  • New Publishing Models
  • Publisher Issues (including Digital Rights Management)
  • Repositories, E‐Prints, and OAI
This is the latest edition of this bibliography, first described in:
Bailey, Charles W., Jr. ʺEvolution of an Electronic Book:
The Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
The Journal of Electronic Publishing 7 (December 2001).

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