Thursday, August 07, 2008

Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2008: Publishing and Research Tools for Academics

The Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2008 included Publishing and Research Tools for Academics that allows for archival annotation and structuring of Microsoft software produced documents, as well as supporting PubMed Central format.

Additional sessions of interest:
  • The Cyberspace Connection – Impact on Individuals, Society, and Research
  • New Developments in Scholarly Communication
  • Reflections on Directions in Artificial Intelligence
  • What Will Be the Impact of Cloud Services on Science?
  • Spotlights on Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Research
  • AI, Sensing, and Optimized Information Gathering: Trends and Directions
  • Ontological Myths: Reducing the Confusion
  • Social Networking and Semantics
  • Toward Situated Interaction
  • Statistical Machine Translation Research at Microsoft Research
  • Interactive Machine Learning: Challenges, Methods, and Applications
  • Information Extraction from Documents and Queries
  • Contexts in Computer Science Education
  • The Future of Research Clouds
  • REAssess: Resources for Educational Assessment
  • The Broader Impact of eScience — Discussion Panel
    • The Broader Impact of eScience. Daron G. Green
    • eScience: Data, Computing, and Crowds. Peter Lee
    • Implications of eScience for Science and Society: A View from Genomics. Adam Siepel
    • eScience: Promoting Public Engagement. Wei Wang
    • eScience for All: Not If, But When. Jeannette M. Wing
  • Artificial Intelligence Theory and Practice: Hard Challenges and Opportunities Ahead
  • National Engagements for Promoting Women in Computing
  • Games for Learning: Understanding What Makes an Effective Game for Learning
  • Networks, Social Science, and Education: Teaching, Linking, and Thinking About Connection
    • Social Visualization: Communication, Signal, or Cue? Karrie Karahalios
    • Using Social Network Sites in Education. Cliff Lampe
  • CmapTools: From Meaningful Learning to a Network of Knowledge Builders
  • Pushing and Pulling Information From the Mexican Dataspace
  • Participation in a World of Choice: Microsoft and Open Source

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