Wednesday, February 25, 2009

code4lib 2009: Day 1+2

  • Day 1

    • LibX2. LibX Edition builder. Build custom version of LibX
    • Xtensible Catalog. Drupal, LMS, NCIP, LMS integration: Blackboard. webcast.
    • scriblio: Social Library System Wordpress based plugin
    • Mark Matienzo. anarchivist.Rich contextual book marklet.
    • Emily Lynema. NCSU Libraries. E-Matrix: Open Source ERM
    • Eric Lease Morgan. Alex4.
    • Erik Hatcher. Lucid Imagination. Lucene/SOLR. Index of Lucene apache site.
    • Mike Taylor and Mike. Index Data. Translucent record store=="Torus" pazpar2. Registry of searchable targets? Hard to do. IRSpy:Z39.50
    • Mike Beccaria from Paul Smith College. Microsoft DeepZoom. "Like microfiche" - audience. Photosynth of library stacks??
    • Dan Chudnov, LOC. BagIt File Package Format
    • Random things heard and seen: citation style language, Open Vocab, UCSD Libraries Digital Assest Management System, SWORDS. Distributed version control: monotone, mercurial, bzr.

    • Day 2:
    • A new frontier - the Open Library Environment (OLE) -- Timothy McGeary,
      Lehigh University. National Library of Australia Service Framework adopted in Jan 2009. June 2009: Draft design document: open to all. Modules: Discovery tools outside of OLE modules: 3rd party modules. Design photos.
    • Blacklight as a unified discovery platform. Bess Sadler, University of Virginia. Serendipity not offered by present digital tools. gsearch
    • A New Platform for Open Data -- Introducing Web Services. Joshua Ferraro, LibLime. OpenData. biblios web services.
    • What We Talk About When We Talk About FRBR. -- Jodi Schneider, Appalachian State University; William Denton, York University. Weak to Strong FRBRization. OCLC xISBN service: give ISBN, get back ISBN of other manifestations. LibraryThing also does, through work by users. thingISBN grouping service. OpenLibrary is doing some good FRBR work, with 'work' identifier. Also LoC FRBR Display tool. Patrick LeBouef FRBR in RDF: IFLA. Libris linked data & FRBR in RDF.
    • Iterative updates Summa Summa: A Better Library Catalogue / Search Engine without Spending a Dime, Summa white paper, Summa: This Is Not a Demo.
    • Erik Hatcher. Query Parsing info. DataImportHandler, Solr Cell, LuSql, TermVectorRequestHandler, StatsComponent, LocalSolr (geo searching) 40% duscount aupromo40 on new book addition.
    • FreeCite - An Open Source Free-Text Citation Parser -- Chris Shoemaker, Public Display
    • Great facets, like your relevance, but can I have links to Amazon and Google Book Search? -- Richard Wallis, Talis
    • Freebasing for Fun and Enhancement-- Sean Hannan, Johns Hopkins University.
    • Lightning talks
    • Connector Online Index Data/OCLC. Scraper. Firefox extension. Amazing interface for scraping.
    • Eric Lease Morgan. code4lib Annual Award.
    • Becky Yoose, Miami U, Ohio AutiIt. "Every time you run Macro Express God kills a kitten".
    • Alters/mutates test code. Heckle, Pester, Code Coverage Tools
    • HathiTrust. Shared Digital Repository

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