Thursday, February 05, 2009

NSF-sponsored workshop on Cyberinfrastructure Software Sustainability

This workshop - to be held at Indiana University March 26,27 2009 - examines the question: "given millions of dollars invested in initiating software development, how is software that will be important to the US research and engineering communities identified, maintained, and supported over years to decades?"

Of course a question of interest for other countries and their cyberinfrastructure initiatives.

Workshop Goals:
The goals of the Cyberinfrastructure Software Sustainability and Reusability workshop are as follows:
  • Examine software evaluation and adoption models by individual research labs and virtual organizations
  • Examine models for long-term software sustainability – the ability to obtain the software one wants with assurance, obtain the information required to use the software, obtain the software and hardware environments required to run the software, and use the software.
  • Discuss mechanisms for supporting sustainability, including direct government support, university-funded consortia, open source (with or without commercial support), community source, and commercialization

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